Interview with Max Irons

Photo: Justin Wu

Photo: Justin Wu

Interview from SID magazine archive (SS15):

Max Irons was once told that he’s not young or pretty enough for major Hollywood roles, while the comment was clearly absurd – it hasn’t stopped Max from carving a diverse career where a figure of youth is not required, what Max’s career will have is longevity. Just like his father, Jeremy Irons.

The fantastical wild side of Max came out last year as he co-starred in The Riot Club, a hotly anticipated thriller about a hedonistic Oxford club (actually based on the very real The Bollington’s Club) and this year he played Austrian Holocaust survivor Fredrick “Fritz” Altmann in The Woman in Gold, he did this despite not speaking a word of German and while performing alongside Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds. Whatever you want Max to be, he can be.

Max gives off an eloquent vibe while remaining humble, he doesn’t have the entitlement you might expect from the son of Jeremy Irons and in a world where everyone needs to be an overnight success, Max is honing his craft and paying his dues to ensure he has a career just like his fathers. Just like Jaden Smith, Jamie Lee Curtis & Freddie Fox, following in your famous parents footsteps won’t be easy, but we’ll be here with you on the journey Max.

Original interview by Jordan Joshua Lewis for SID Magazine #8. Image credits: Max Irons photographed by Justin Wu, styled by Sylvester Yiu, wardrobe: Valentino, E. Tautz, Bally, shot in Screen On The Green, London.