London Fields: Everyone Wants Nicola Six


An all star cast including Amber Heard as Nicola Six, Cara Delevingne as Kath Talent and Jim Sturgess as Keith Talent, London Fields, a thriller directorial debut of Mathew Cullen have been in production since 2010, fast forward the director decided to sue the film's producer before 2015's Toronto International Film Festival (obviously everything got pulled), then in 2016 when the producer sues the director and actors for unauthorised changes, but finally here comes the first official trailer for summer 2018 releases (let's not talk about the previous trailer back in 2015).

Based on the novel of the same name by Martin Amis, the film is about an American writer Samson (Billy Bob Thornton), who suffers from writer's block for 20 years, found himself in the greatest story of all, in between Six (Amber Heard), Talent (Jim Sturgess) and Clinch (Theo James). The movie also stars Johnny Depp, Jaimie Alexander and Jason Isaacs.

London Fields, in cinemas summer 2018.