Interview with Louis Tomlinson

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Original interview by Koral-Leigh Webb for SID Magazine issue 13 (Fall/Winter 2017)

Hailing from the undisputed biggest boy band of a generation, Louis Tomlinson is allowing his new found solo career to organically unfold. Reflection is key to progression; Louis comments on the journey so far, “It's been a crazy twelve months. Meeting Steve Aoki and doing the collaboration with him last year on ‘Just Hold On’ really started this all off for me.”

After the final decision was made for the band to go on a hiatus, singer songwriter Tomlinson confesses “I didn't really have plans on my next steps then or anything laid out. I was continuing to write songs throughout One Direction and after anyway as writing is something I really enjoy and believe I am good at. Then the opportunity with Steve Aoki came up and it all started from there.”

One night in Vegas , Tomlinson found himself fully immersed in a mesmerising set by American DJ legend, Steve Aoki and fuelled Louis with a newly found admiration, sparking the initial conversation for collaboration, “Steve is one of the nicest and hard working guys in the industry. Honestly working with him was, and is, great.”

Going full circle from the gruelling process of working through a talent competition, to performing live on the very platform that established his career. This nerve racking ordeal allows the development in his career to hit home and cements himself, as a reputable solo artist, endorsed by one of the music’s most credible DJ’s, “Performing on the X Factor final was probably one of the hardest things to do. But doing it with Steve and reaction from fans really made it special for me.” Tomlinson continues, “Now I have a track out with Bebe Rexha and DJ Digital Farm Animals which is another great collaboration for me stylistically. Both are very talented guys to work with.”

Taking a closer look at the two chart-topping singles Tomlinson has released in the last twelve months, we delve a little deeper into the stylistic elements that marry together to produce such beautiful content. As both a singer and songwriter, the substance of emotive and honest lyrics allow the listener to join Tomlinson on his personal journey, “I want the fans to see and believe things from my perspective and have an understanding. It has to be honest and real otherwise it wouldn't make sense to me.”

Strikingly modest and refreshingly honest, Tomlinson remains humbled by the response from his solo work so far, “the reaction has been amazing. I have the best fans out there.” It’s safe to say, Tomlinson has branched further afield, captivating a new audience with his lyrically meaningful mid-tempo work from ‘Back to You’ , allow us a glimpse of the diverse music to come.

With his highly anticipated debut album on the horizon, we can’t help but wander what we can expect from the full EP, “I like to think with the body of work I have so far, it's a variation. The album tells a story and again is very honest lyrically. But sonically we have played around a bit and tried new things.” Looks like Louis Tomlinson has truly found a new direction.

See the behind the scene video below:

Images: Louis Tomlinson photographed by Rhys Frampton, styled by Sylvester Yiu, shot in London for SID Magazine issue 13.