Green Room: A Shakespearean Adventure

(c) Green Room

(c) Green Room

Words by Charlotte Frampton

Discover a world-class cocktail experience in the heart of Shoreditch. The Green Room, a recently opened cocktail bar at The Curtain Hotel-come-members club, is starting a drinks revolution. Experimenting with local flavours, such as Land Chocolate, London Turmeric Honey and E5 Sourdough, to create unconventional cocktails that will leave your taste buds tingling and your bar tab singing.

With lashes of jewel tones, velvets and leathers, the whimsical interior of the bar is the perfect picture of a Hans Christian Anderson and Shakespeare lovechild. It’s cool, light and airy atmosphere tricks you into believing you’ve walked into a scene from A Midsummer’s Nights Dream. From grassy Glasgow, Jenny Willing established multiple venues in her hometown before her passion led her to pursue a career in London. After enjoying creative freedom at the globally successful Dandelyan bar, Jenny Willing now works as The Curtain’s Director of Beverage and has a clear sight of what her guests want to drink.

The cocktails available have been carefully cultivated and inspired by all aspects of Willing’s life in East London. Sunday Service, a drink containing delicate floral flavours; such as Tapatio Blanco, Eucalyptus, Pear, Lemon and Floral Bitters was based on the Sunday flower market of Columbia Road. With its freshness, the flavours of this intricate drink will dance across your palette.   

The Bread and Butter Sazerac gives you a taste of how creative the Green Room’s flavour combinations are. Johnny Walker Black Label is mixed with Apricot Bitters, Whey Syrup and E5 Sourdough sourced from Jenny Willing’s local bakery. While this drink is reminiscent of the traditional bread and butter pudding, it is not one for the faint hearted. Served straight up, this drink packs a punch and may leave you a little merry with rosy cheeks.  

The line between history and modern day ingenuity is blurred as the Holiest Harlot, inspired by the notorious love affair of Edward IV and his mistress Jane Shore is a popular addition to the menu. Ingredients such as Braemble, Martini Riserva Bitter, Lemon Sorbet and Rosé Champagne combine to stay true to a story located deep in the history of Shoreditch. With its rich flavours this drink will make you feel like royalty. If you find yourself feeling peckish, a selection of seasonal bar snacks specifically designed to compliment the flavours of the drinks menu are available.   

Creativity is the primary essence of the Green Room, with drinks inspired by history, artwork and local ingredients; this bar proves Mixology is, in its own right, an exciting art form. One can only predict that with its original ideas, this cocktail bar will surely be one of the most popular locations in East London.

If you fancy trying some locally inspired cocktail innovations, make sure you visit Green Room at The Curtain to get a true taste of what East London has to offer. 

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