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Text by Koral-Leigh Webb

Text by Koral-Leigh Webb

Located in Bank, the Speedflex London studio is a unique and clever way to squeeze a timely sweaty workout into your daily schedule, before, during or after work. With each class lasting only 30 or 45 minutes, this dynamic exercise experience allows up to 16 people train together with a combination of Speedflex machinery and classic HIIT style training equipment.

Featuring an exclusively in-house formulated Speedflex weight training machine, that generates personalized resistance levels; meaning the harder and faster you push the more resistance the machine will push back. This new generation of fitness technology allows a vary of training sequences, available for the younger fitness fanatics, the older generation and everyone in between as there is no need to fuss over changing the loads or being cautious of potential dangers of weightlifting.

After trying most of the classes from Flextreme to Coreflex, we can safely say throughout the 30 mins, you are really put through your paces in these circuit training HIIT sessions. Paired with the help of the MYZONE belt, a heart rate monitor which appears on the screen, pushing your motivation and allowing users to track the amount of calories burnt throughout the class. In a 45 minute class users can burn up to 1,000 calories, with minimum risk of injury and a great way to incorporate exercise into a business schedule.

Prior to starting with Speedflex, each customer is given an InBody analysis; using advanced sports science technology, the InBody analysis can easily measure training progress by quantifying your body composition and creating achievable targets for users to work towards.

To find out more about memberships available at Speedflex, visit www.speedflex.com

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