Sizzling Summers: Great Guns Social

(c) Great Guns Social

(c) Great Guns Social

Words by Koral-Leigh Webb

Tucked away in the corner of Borough, do not be mistaken by the modest pub-style exterior. The Great Guns Social is a dynamic contemporary eatery, hosting an exotic and eclectic mix of culinary wizards. Summer sees the new appointment of Grant Hawthorne from the Southern Grill by African Volcano. Taking up residency in this Southern jewel, just a stones-throw from Borough Station and Southwark alike, this delightful cuisine is an exploration of Southern style cooking from all over the world; from Southern America to South Africa and even sprinkles of inspiration from Southern Europe, Grant Hawthorne will be tingling taste buds from now until 26th August.

African Volcano began when Cape Town-born husband and wife team, Grant and Julie created their own Mozambique-style Peri Peri sauces in 2012. Pairing these delicious sauces with mouth-watering combination of seasonal and local ingredients, the African Volcano was born and made its way across the world to serve up street-food excellence at Maltby’s Market, where Great Guns Social scouted these hot new players.

Offering smaller sharing places for those sharers amongst us, all combined with a unique and wonderful sauce; a favourite of ours were the Peri Peri prawns with tomato pilaf alongside the pan fried chicken livers and toasted croute. Our host happily explained how to try the Rissois: Mozambique style crab croquette, by taking the first bite alone, then squeezing some lemon juice on the second bite and finally dipping it into the flavoursome sauce to take the customer on the journey of the taste, teasing the taste buds.

The larger plates consisted of a full mixed grill; from beef burgers with African Volcano streaky bacon to Mozambique style grilled Spachcock with smoked garlic butter, these dishes will fight for your attention and do not disappoint.

With a small and concise menu; it becomes quite the struggle to choose just a single dish. With this in mind, Grant has added the option of a ‘London to Maputo’ tasting menu, available only through reservation and includes Chourico, Rissois, Trinxado and coffee-flavoured Portugese custard flan; the full works and the full world tour. Make sure you make it down to the Great Guns Social in time to try for yourself.

African Volcano will be at Great Guns Social, 96 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0EF until 26th August.

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