Band of Outsiders FW19 Collection Video

Band of Outsiders is a contemporary London-based fashion brand originated from L.A. They have presented their first collection in 2004 and have continuously put out fresh menswear collections ever since. Their list of collaborations includes the ‘infamous’ Manolo Blahnik, artist Sam Durant, their latest one being with Sergio Tacchini. The funky and juvenile vibe of their high-quality pieces has been a hit with celebrities such as Donald Glover, Macklemore and Dave Franco. 

The Band of Outsiders have presented their new Autumn – Winter 2019 collection through a short-film, featuring the youthful energy of the contemporary brand, with a swinging 60s vibe. They have debuted their first women’s collection, with a fresh take on classic silhouettes and fabrics of the Beatles era, giving the central stage to warm tonal colours, cosy knits and corduroy. The collection characterises the flourishing youth of the generation celebrating fashion, freedom and liberation. 

Drawing inspiration from the monumental story of the first Moon Landing in 1969, still captivating the minds of the youth to this day, Band of Outsiders takes this passion on a journey through time, and puts a modern spin on it. A visual ode to the iconic period, the collection is bursting with shades of autumn leaves, perfect to brighten up the colder months. The high-quality everyday wear is sure to make its way into our wardrobes, with staple denim pieces and fun patterns.


Photo: Joe Nankin Short Film for Band Of Outsiders

Photo: Joe Nankin Short Film for Band Of Outsiders