New Age Shopping - Depop Top 3

Although some aspects of the fashion industry are deep rooted in tradition, one sector that is always evolving is retail. Unlike some areas of the industry, the way one shops is influenced by many mitigating environmental factors, leaving the sector susceptible to the influence of technology and the increase of mass production.

The face of retail has completely changed in the last few decades due to the invention of online shopping. NetMarket launched the first secure online shopping site in 1994 with companies like Amazon and Ebay swiftly following suit. Nowadays every retailer is online, and many are based solely on the web. The expansion of the online market has also led to the invention of shopping apps which serve a multitude of purposes. A recent trend has seen the rise in second hand retailing online, prompted by the launch of Depop.

Depop has allowed many people to securely resell their items for a reduced price than usually found online. This craze has many benefits, not only does it encourage recycling, Depop has launched the career of many young creatives who have been imaginative with the ways they use the platform.

I have made a list of my Top 3 sellers who I believe have used the platform in an inventive and sustainable manner.


Internet girl has risen to well-deserved internet fame due to her inventive use of both Instagram and Depop. Selling usually deadstock or thrifted items on Depop she has linked her account with a successful Instagram profile where she styled these items. Following her success, Internet Girl has expanded her brand and now sells her own designed jewellery, as well as introducing the ‘Internet Girl Bundle’ where the buyer picks a theme and she sends an outfit styled accordingly. Internet Girl makes the top of the list due to her innovation and harnessing of the platform.

Depop - @internetgirl

Instagram - @internetgirl / @igirl


Image Credit: Sam Martial Shop

Image Credit: Sam Martial Shop


Sam Martial sells minimalist, well photographed pieces. The items themselves are usually made by the seller, giving them a unique and personal twist.

Depop @sammartialshop


A smaller account but one with a great concept. I have only recently discovered these girls as they’re just starting out, but the London based duo are offering pre-styled looks on their page, similar to Internet Girl’s bundles. They too play around with photography and presenting a marketable package deal in themselves and their outfits. They too have an Instagram page.

Depop – @hexxxgirls

Instagram -

Depop is retail for a new generation; a visual, online, sustainable generation, teaming with creatives that’re turning away from tradition in the industry. I hope this as an inspiring thought to you as it is to me.