Image Credit: CIMONE

Image Credit: CIMONE

CIMONE returned to London Fashion Week this September with an experimental show following the theme of fluidity in both sexuality and gender. Issue: 04 showcased a collection of transformative pieces - traditionally tailored yet irreverently modern - with protest motifs and symbolic queer imagery worked into the print. Issue: 04 has a clear message to break boundaries, whether it is those enforced by time or by traditional ideas of gender and sexuality.

Creative Director Carli Pearson created CIMONE in 2016 with the hopes of creating a forward-thinking brand that offered a slower approach to a fast-paced society. Pearson sees her collections as pieces to be cherished in the same manner as an artwork, explaining “we believe that clothing can outgrow the confines of ‘adornments for the body’, instead hanging proudly as a piece of art.”

Pearson has honed her unique approach after many years in the industry. Previously Pearson has held influential roles in renowned fashion houses, including McQ, Alexander Mcqueen and Alexander Wang. In CIMONE, Pearson has combined her eclectic work history with her own creative flare.

Watching the issue: 04 presentation itself showcases Pearson’s creativity, who attached her designs to the ceiling with magnets. When the model began to walk, the garment would fall and reveal the models behind who were positioned as if part of a production line. Pearson has broken away from a traditional catwalk as well as traditional seasoned collections and releases her clothes in ‘issues’, complimenting her overarching themes of fluidity.

CIMONE’s unique and perfectly curtailed ethos is sure to catch on in the industry, as Pearson’s inventive approach is needed to shake up stagnant practices that remain. Although the industry is supposed to be forward thinking there is so much room for innovation, with brands like CIMONE leading the way to “fashion without boundaries”.