Craig Green reveals his SS19 Campaign

Craig Green SS19 campaign - Image Credit: Dan Tobin Smith

Craig Green SS19 campaign - Image Credit: Dan Tobin Smith

Yesterday Craig Green revealed his SS19 campaign on Instagram. The campaign is titled Clean and Crushed, and shows an assortment of painted straw bundles being held in clamps. First they are pictured when the clamp is open, it is then closed to create the ‘crushed’ image. The scenes depicted are inspired by classical textile prints - which Green innovates by deconstructing them - simultaneously turning them into a separate artwork.  

Clean and Crushed draws from his collection that debuted in January in Florence which worked with vivid colours and sculpture, using strong imagery to create a story. Green later explained that his collection was an ode to modern heroes; the doctors, the cleaners, those who work behind the scenes to make the world go around. For the campaign he transformed them into more traditional heroes, displaying archetypal battle scenes and masculinity. There are also lots of classical references as many are shown fighting mythological creatures. 

Green perfectly mixes the modern with classical ideals to create a visually striking and innovative campaign.