Vans Launches 'The Spirit of DIY' Campaign with Global Music Tour

The campaign speaks to a universal idea of creative expression and shows how it’s manifested by Vans family around the world” - Jamie Reilly

Vans new campaign ‘The Spirit of DIY’ is launching worldwide, celebrating creatives with a do-it-yourself attitude. Taking inspiration from Punk subculture - which blossomed in the 1970’s and continues to thrive to this day - Vans has created the campaign to help support similar communities across the globe. Vans has enrolled ambassadors from the current Punk scene to help promote the campaign and support DIY communities. This includes LA Punk band Culture Attack, as well as Skate Society Soweto who are based in South Africa. These two acts show the cultural breadth of the campaign, which aims to bring the spirit of DIY into all aspects of broader culture.

To support this Vans is staging a series of flash events across the world. As well as ‘DIY’ inspired workshops, the ‘Starting from Nothing’ tour features live performances from Culture Abuse, SSS and Big Cheese. A free concert featuring these artists will take place in the Moth Club in London on the 31st of August. The events are free to try and encourage new interest in Punk-inspired communities as well as a gesture of goodwill towards those who are already supportive members of the scene.

Image Credit: Vans

Image Credit: Vans

‘The Spirit of DIY’ stems from Vans ‘THIS IS OFF THE WALL’ initiative that supports a plethora of cultural pursuits and outlines Vans creative ethos as a company.

Tickets for the Moth Club are available online -

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