Tate Exchange Announces this Years Lead Artists

Image Credit: Tate Exchange

Image Credit: Tate Exchange

Tate exchange is an experimental platform that aims to link the public, artists and Tate’s partnering organisations within and beyond the arts. Found at Tate Modern and Tate Liverpool, the programme is entering its fourth year and has recently named Hyphen-labs - a collective of multidisciplinary artists - as their lead artists for the upcoming presentation.

The international collective work at the junction between technology and art science, creating engaging ways to spark conversations about modern society and the outlook for the future.

Recently their work has been focused on security and surveillance in our digitalised age. Tate exchange encourages the public to explore new perspectives and question their ideologies. Hyphen-labs presentation will be causing members to question the societal gravitas of technology and how art can be used as a tool for intervention.

Taking inspiration from the question ‘how did we get here?’ Hyphen-Labs explained their aim is to “explore our emotional, intellectual and physical relationships with power; those omnipresent entities in our physical and digital lives; the all-seeing powers that could hold the answers and solutions.”

The Higher Resolution programme is open from Tuesday 17th - Sunday 29th of September. Admission is free and it can be found at Level 5 of the Blavatnik Building at Tate Modern, and in the first-floor gallery at Tate Liverpool.