Spirited away: Ammatura Pura Pool Villas, Koh Samui

Photo: Matthew Stuart, Review by Koral-Leigh Webb

Photo: Matthew Stuart, Review by Koral-Leigh Webb

Tucked away off the main streets of Koh Samui, Ammatura Pura makes a statement with its spectacular temple-esqe ancient Thai architecture, providing guests with a home, simply fit for a king. Overlooking the luxurious stretch of Lamai Beach, Ammatura Pura oozes opulence, giving back so much value that we normally lack in daily lives; space, sun and peace and quiet.

History: Independently owned, Ammatura Pura has been developed by, heiress Ying Trangkasombut, has drawn inspiration from the concept of luxury living and has succeed in creating this breathtaking, timeless resort with compelling and exquisite quality. Ying’s passion for fitness and wellness, the facilities reflect this attitude of self love and self care, including two fitness studios and a lavish menu of spa treatments.

Rooms: With 18 private villas on site, each villa has its own patio area, a balcony, private pool and in door Jacuzzi; the ultimate home away from home.

Ambience: The ambience has a unique and pure soothing energy; the gentle laps of waves, the wind chimes softly singing, as we laid back on meticulously placed couple sized luxury sun-loungers, sipping gloriously fresh strawberry Daiquiris. The opulent architecture paired with stunning water features and crystal clear pools set the scene prior to our private yoga session on the terrace, overlooking the emerald ocean.

Bonus points: The attentive staff made the stay an absolute pleasure; from welcoming us with fresh coconut water to driving us around the resort, no detail was left to chance, we even got dropped off at the spa prior to a selection of body scrubs and massages. Not a foot, nor finger was lifted throughout our stay at this glorious sanctuary. Ammatura Pura is a haven to those looking to unwind and relax with an abundance of facilities and delicious Thai cuisine, there is no need to leave this wonderfully majestic palace… perhaps ever.

To explore Ammatura Pura, visit http://www.ammatarapura.com/

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