Mapplethorpe Biopic Starring Matt Smith Sparks Intrigue

“Robert took areas of dark human consent and made them into art.”

Patti Smith, Just Kids  

Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe,  1984

Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe, 1984

The life of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe was one of passion. Alongside Patti Smith he moved from poverty to notoriety in the 1970’s, plagued by controversy while producing some of the decade's most influential art. His legacy is even greater. His homoerotically charged photographs and later his form work has heavily impacted the LGBTQ+ community as well as the reputation of photography as an artistic medium. He even set up a foundation a year before his death with the aim of furthering AIDs research and encouraging photography.  

From the looks of the trailer Mapplethorpe the movie promises to also have a large impact. Fronted by Matt Smith the movie will follow Mapplethorpe’s career, romantic relationships and his life with Patti Smith.  

In the trailer, when asked what gives him solace, Mapplethorpe replies “Beauty. Knowing that my work will outlive me.” and it has, as 30 years after his death he will be brought to life again on our screens. It is no doubt that a life so great will make captivating cinema. 

Mapplethorpe will be in theatres from March 1st.