Ottolenghi's new restaurant - ROVI



Globally renowned London chef, Yotam Ottolenghi has announced his team will be opening a new restaurant, ROVI in Fitzrovia this summer. Adding to his portfolio of restaurants and delis in London, including the exceedingly popular NOPI and other venues; ROVI will be pioneering the beauty of veggies and working closely with local small batch producers and farmers.

Opening in June of this year, Ottolenghi has developed a vegetable-centric menu, incorporating a unique focus on fermentation and cooking over fire. Sustainability is taking the lead with this new venture as we experience how to make use of leftovers to create exciting new dishes. From left over wine being fermented into vinegars and coffee grinds transforming unsuspected vegetable dishes. Even the hot air generated in the kitchen will be used to warm the restaurant and contribute to the hot water used on site.

β€œThe name, ROVI, is a little bit of NOPI and a little bit of Fitzrovia. At ROVI, vegetables will be the main event, cooked on the grill.” - Ottolenghi

Spotted in a Bauhaus inspired, dome shaped dining room ROVI will have subtle industrial accents and complimented with countertop seating to dine and taste the extraordinary wonders for yourself.

ROVI: Opens June 2018, 59 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, W1A 3AE. 

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