Twin X - Exhibition in London

Edie Campbell, Photographed by Boo George for Twin Magazine S/S 2015

Edie Campbell, Photographed by Boo George for Twin Magazine S/S 2015

For the last decade, Twin Magazine has strived to capture emerging talent and raw creativity across the arts. This new exhibition which runs for less than a week delves into the magazine’s archives and focuses on the people – the unseen, the models, the photographers – that have defined the publication and arguably contemporary creativity, giving a rare ‘behind the scenes’ view into independent publishing. This way people will be able to see the creative process and the finished product side by side. On display will be the works of many prolific photographers, including Cass Bird and Boo George, as well as portraiture of the likes of Louise Bourgeois.  

The exhibition is collectively curated by the magazine's prominent figures, including Twin founder Becky Smith. Twin feels that it has kept its individuality even under a continued pressure to conform that has befallen other publications. They have chosen to showcase their unique outlook by focusing the exhibition on independence and individuality, thus sticking to their ethos and the individuals that have helped demonstrate this along the way. These themes are displayed through the lens of fashion, photography and art.  

The exhibition is free to attend and promises to celebrate a decade of creativity and those who Twin Magazine believe have helped shaped it.

ADDRESS: The Store X, Surrey Street, 180 The Strand, WC2R 2ND

DATES: 31st January to 5th February 2019 - 12:00-19:00