Mercedes-Benz's ViaVan service comes to London

Sorry Ub-who? Mercedes-Banz and Via have launched their low-cost ride service in Zone 1 and 2 in London, which gives Londoners a 'ride-pooling' option with a relatively low £3 ($4), and just for your information a tube ride now is £2.90 within Zone 1 (or £4.90 without an oyster). The only catch? ViaVan will choose a nearby pick-up and drop-off points rather that exact location of your choice.

As well as cheap service, ViaVan claims it takes the smallest cut of any comparable service in London, for drivers to make a 'decent living'.

So next time if you're in a hurry, but not so much of a hurry that you want to get a private car, then give ViaVan a go with this £15 credit from us: sid9q3

Happy pooling!

Image by Daimler

Image by Daimler